Helping financial services companies comply with their legal and regulatory obligations

Tecne is a specialist legal and consulting firm that exclusively acts for financial services businesses.

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Legal and consulting solutions for leading financial services companies

We started out as a law firm for financial services companies, but it became apparent that our clients wanted us to be more involved in their business.

Today, we offer a full range of legal and consulting services to reflect the fact that complex and highly regulated businesses require tailored, multi-faceted solutions to succeed and stay ahead of their competition.



We act for financial services companies on their most complex projects, issues and innovations.

Whether it’s obtaining an AFSL, getting to market or scaling your business, we have the expertise and networks to make it happen.

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Risk & Compliance

We support risk and compliance teams on financial services, banking, credit, anti-money laundering and privacy projects and issues.

Use us as you need. Whether it’s on a project or retainer basis or limited to a particular issue – we have the expertise to assist.

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Legal services are reactive and resolve issues after they have occurred. However they usually could have been avoided if they were identified earlier.

Our consulting services have helped transform businesses with poor or mediocre compliance practices into industry leaders.

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White Label

We’re a boutique house and don’t pretend to have expertise in other areas or industries. We offer white label services to legal and other professionals who don’t have our expertise but wish to continue to provide a seamless service to their clients.

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We’re always talking to businesses about how we can help them get better and stay ahead of the pack.

Email, ask a question or book a time to talk with a member of our team and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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